Include alert->notifications into remote dashboard

Hello guys.
I have multiple lnms running on different servers.
I want to create a centralized dashboard and include the “notifications” from all my lnmss.
Is it possible ?
Using the iframe tag from note widget request me the login.
Adding http://user:[email protected] url format does not work.
Is there another way ?
Can I bypass the authentication for “notification” section ?


Any idea ??
Is it possible to include alert sections (u other) into external iframe tag ?
I need to create a dashboard with multiple lnms alerts.

You could create a syslog or api alert transport to raise alerts to the “central” instance.

And yes, the “notes” widget supports iframe.

Hi @murrant … thanks for being always to help.
Regarding api alert transport:
It is a good idea , I just need to confirm if I can:
first , trigger the notification (in my case via telegram)
second: send the alert via api to centralized lnms.
or …
Should I manage also the notificacions from central point.
I will strudy this …

Regarding note widget with iframe support.
Im aware I can insert external html there, but how can I insert a remote lnms section for instance:
http://[remote_ip]/alerts ?
It will prompt to login … is it possible to set http://[remote_ip]/alerts url without authentication ? (similar than graphs)

Thank for your words.

Aftear reading on the API documentation.
I did not found any endpoint to post active alerts from remote lnms platform.

I think that faster way would be to set librenms_ip/alerts section accesible without authtentication.
That way I can add it to the iframe of note widget.
Is this possible ?

You can add the login credentials as get variables in the url.

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hi @murrant:
Yes it works ,