Installing LibreNMS in a FreeBSD jail?

Has anyone installed LibreNMS in a FreeBSD jail? I’ve got a FreeNAS machine and I’m trying to get a jail up & running with Libre but no luck yet. I can install it from ports or “pkg install librenms” but it certainly doesn’t work out of the box. I followed the CentOS guide & adjusted the directories where needed. But I wasn’t able to get the snmd service to run (I’m still very new to FreeBSD) and when I browse to the jail’s IP, I get an “Internal Service Error” page. Before installing Libre I was able to get the “It Works!” default apache page.

I tried to install LibreNMS two-three months ago from ports on FreeBSD v11.1. There are too many linux-isms to overcome still. Just getting the database to have the correct schema failed for me. I suspect you are running into the same general issues I did.

Conversely, I was easily able to get LibreNMS up and running on Ubuntu v17.10 with a little fakery around the current fping version.

I’d like see LIbreNMS installable on *BSD, but that would mean a few changes to the codebase (e.g., replace bash scripts with sh scripts)

We’ve been running LibreNMS on FreeBSD for over 2 years now, and although we’re not running it in a jail I see no reason why it couldn’t. However, FreeNAS is a derivative of FreeBSD so I can’t comment on if it would run on that.

If you do run it on FreeBSD, keep in mind that the port is quite out of date. I’ve just done a git-based installation to stay more current, but it is a little more work to set up than just doing an installation from ports/packages.

I have LibreNMS running in a jail. I incidentally installed it from ports, not pkg since the port is more up to date. Sure it doesn’t work out of the box and it still requires some manual configuration. As for fping, also install that from ports, but disable IPv6 when running ‘make config’ for fping, it allows it to work correctly under LibreNMS, albeit you don’t get any IPv6 support. If IPv6 is important to you, you might want to consider enabling VIMAGE on the jail, providing your FreeBSD kernel supports it.