Interface Port Description Parsing Not finding a match

I’m looked through the handful of existing topics, and followed them, but can’t seem to make this work right. :frowning:

If I setup “custom_descr” that look something like this:

$config[‘custom_descr’][] = ‘Core_Public’;
$config[‘custom_descr’][] = ‘Core_MLAG’;
$config[‘custom_descr’][] = ‘Core_MPLS’;
$config[‘custom_descr’][] = ‘Core_PtP’;

And my switch interface descriptions looks like this:

Core_Public: (Carrier) [10G] {CID}
Core_MLAG: (Carrier) [10G] {CID}
Core_MPLS: (Carrier) [10G] {CID}
Core_PtP: (Carrier) [10G] {CID}

When I look at the “Ports” pull down menu, these 4 custom options appear but they aren’t matching what the switch interfaces are and I’m very confused why.

Let me know what I am doing wrong, I’d appreciate any help. I am just trying to break out the “Core” network interfaces from other MLAG/PtP interfaces that aren’t connected to the core switching infrastructure.


This is because we expect a description as well so in your examples:

Core_Public: Level3 (Carrier) [10G] {CID}
Core_MLAG: Cogent (Carrier) [10G] {CID}
Core_MPLS: NTT (Carrier) [10G] {CID}
Core_PtP: GTT (Carrier) [10G] {CID}

Thanks! I appreciate that, I was WAY over thinking this.