Interfaces not found on Sophos XG Suddenly

I’ve a home version of Sophos XG v 18.0.4 running on a Zotac NUC that has recently stopped being able to poll the interfaces. Other polling works fine such as CPU and memory. The traffic and other graphs simply say “No Ports.” I ran a rediscovery of it a few times and the interfaces shows up very briefly along with their historical data from a few weeks ago when polling stopped working. Removing and re-adding the device shows the same issue. I can successfully poll the device using SNMPv2c and v3 as far as I can tell. I’ll be honest and as I don’t remember whether or not there was an update for the firewall but I don’t believe there was.

If you are having troubles with discovery/polling include the pastebin output of

./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d | ./ :
./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -r -f -d | ./ :

Not sure if I was supposed to copy and paste the output from those into pastebin or if that website was enough for it.

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