Invalid credentials vs login denied

I have completed a new installation of Librenms. Nothing new for me. , Ive done about 5 over the past 6 months. This one is a bit unusual though!

I create myself as a user via CLI (e.g ./adduser.php testuser password 10)
login as testuser and I have General Administrative Permissions.

However when I login as user librenms I get Login Denied message.
If I login as another user, e.g. testuser or stephanvw and purposefully enter an incorrect password I get Invalid Credentials message.
So this is 2 different message - one Invalid, one Denied
(.env ad config.php all correct as far as I can tell)

Test user was created on command Line
stephanvw created via Mysql Adduser
Whats more interesting is that I can log in with testuser but there is no testuser in the database…
as seen below output…

MariaDB [librenms]> select User, Host, Select_priv, password from mysql.user;
| User | Host | Select_priv | password |
| root | localhost | Y | |
| librenms | localhost | N | *2470C0C06DEE42FD1618BB99005ADCA2EC9D1E19 |
| stephanvw | localhost | N | *BCF9279E946A1DA3E0D8EBC84BF9310419CB357B |
| libreuser | localhost | N | *9E44763E96B446649BD699E364CA0A3C79371632 |
4 rows in set (0.001 sec)

I am confused as to how librenms does its authentication.

Firstly, why would user librenms be “Login Denied”?
Secondly" Why would user testuser not reflect in the database but I can login as ADMIN?
user librenms is not a password problem. It’s something more

Hope someone can help.

./validate all good.
Git Pull OK
Latest of everything. all good.



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