IP address instead of DNS name

Hi Everybody

Our librenms generate lot of dns request, when run poller script. Are there any way to use ip address insted of DNS name ? When I added new host I have used dns name.

I’m not sure I understand why this is a problem?
Add a local resolver or add the hosts with ip instead of dns

because when the poller is runing always ask the dns server.
yes, you are right. I can use IP address when I add a host or I can use dnsmasq or other dns cache solution on host system. But the best solution for me a parameter in the config.php. :slight_smile:
I do not want remove all host , and add again with IP address.

Hi @hintalo68
Basically, if you use a DNS, you will have DNS requests every time you need to resolve it. This is exactly the expected behaviour, and you must implement a cache to solve it. This is the clean (and only) way to do this.

:frowning: thanks.

You seems disappointed here:) but the whole point of using DNS is … to use DNS ! So once again, I don’t see what’s wrong.
You just have to know that Linux does not do DNS caching by default. So you (as a linux sysadmin) have to handle that, and a lot of different solutions are available for this. This is out of the scope of LibreNMS.

Is someone charging you for DNS queries? :wink: It is not a bug it is a feature.
But you can totally add devices by IP address in hostname filed, and there is a field to specifically add IP:

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