IPv6 - additional support

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Please integrate the IPv6 protocol.

The ipv6 addres column should be added to the device DB table.
A global config should be created as to which protocol libre snmp will be traversed by client devices by default. (IPv4 or IPv6)

On a specific device, there should also be an option in the SNMP backup room whether to use IPv4 or IPv6.

Syslog should sort both IPv4 and IPv6 records.

Thank you.

LibreNMS is community driven.

So feel free to take part and create the required functionality.
If you are not used to programming just try the following:

  • try being a little friendly
  • ask for help
  • don’t expect anyone to do this just because you want it!

Sorry for these words, but your post sounds pretty snappy.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with programming. LibreNMS is a great monitoring tool. I really appreciate your community work and thank you for it.

With my contribution, I wanted to ask the community to implement the IPv6 protocol.

I’m sorry, unfortunately I don’t speak English and I wrote the post incorrectly.