Is there any way to disable the Devices unpolled warning?


Is there any way to disable the Devices Unpolled warning on the web interface?

I have two Palo Alto boxes that takes a lot more than 15 minutes to be polled and would like to disable the warning because they will be always there.

I have a lot of questions.

#1 How could data from a device that takes 15 minutes to poll be useful?
#2 Have you gone through this:
#3 What modules are taking so long?

The devices are two PA-3050, each one has around 1.100 ports.

I already gone through the Performance document, did everything I could, but the recommendation was to disable modules that took too long, but more than 90% of the polling time is taken pooling the ports, if I disable the ports polling it will take less than 2 minutes to poll, but I do need to do the polling on the ports.

The main box takes around 1000 seconds to finish the polling, sometimes more, and around 900 seconds is spent on polling the ports, We have a ticket open with the vendor to understand why the device takes so long to answer the SNMP request, but We do not have an answer yet.

It works and we have data from the ports, even if they take time to appear.

did you try per port polling? in the doc?

I tested per port polling only to disable the ports, if i disable the ports polling it will be fast, but I need the ports.

Should I try let them enabled and use per port polling?

What percentage of ports are used?

Also, you could check the output of ./scripts/collect-port-polling.php

I really do need to monitor the ports, not all of them are in use right now, but they may be used sometime, at random, they are virtual tunnels used for VPNs, my employer don’t allow me to explain much, but I can’t disable the monitoring in the ports, it is not working as we would like, but at least it’s working and we have some data.

Right now I just want to disable the Devices Unpolled message because it appears every time and it’s really annoying.

Per-port polling does not fetch data for ports that are disabled OR down.

So if a port becomes connected, it will start polling data for it (as long as it is not disabled in the LibreNMS webui).

Please try it and see.

The code will need to be edited to disable that message if that is what you want.

Yes, since there is not a option to enable or disabel it, that is what I need, do you know which part and in which file do I need to edit?

@leandrojmp Actually, I just looked up this code and thought of another option.

You can set those devices to ignored (under device settings). This also disables any alerts which I would think is desired also in your case since the broken polling is going to cause spurious alerts.

If that isn’t sufficient for you:

Good luck with your vendor, I hope you can get polling under 5/15 minutes :slight_smile:

I’m still a bit worried about your poll times. You could have multiple polls running against the device at a single time, really beating up the device CPU. Because your poll time is > 5 minutes it could make the next parallel poll slower, ever increasing until something breaks. Please keep that in mind.

Well, If I understood right, I need to comment the following code in the index.php so the message will disappear.

But, to keep the change I will need to stop using to update, right?

if (dbFetchCell("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `devices` WHERE `last_polled` <= DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL - 15 minute) AND `ignore` = 0 AND `disabled` = 0 AND status = 1", array()) > 0) {
    $msg_box[] = array('type' => 'warning', 'message' => "<a href=\"poll-log/filter=unpolled/\">It appears as though you have some devices that haven't completed polling within the last 15 minutes, you may want to check that out :)</a>",'title' => 'Devices unpolled');

i think you would also need to disable it here /opt/librenms/app/Checks.php