Issue when clicking on device hyperlinks

Hey all,

When I open a device and click any hyperlink (interface, processor, memory, etc.) to drill into the details, I receive the following error;


I know what is causing the error, but I am not exactly sure how to fix it. When we click the hyperlinks, the URL is as follows;


The second ‘http:/’ after the IP Address is what is causing the issue. If I take that out, then the page loads without any issues. It is just a hassle to be constantly deleting that out when trying to find out more info on a device.

The install of LibreNMS is on Ubuntu 20.04. The only thing that has changed since we installed it two weeks ago was giving it a static IP Address, and changing the root password.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need more information from me, please ask.

Bump. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

change base_url

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Can you provide any more information than that? Where do I find this base_url?


You can open the settings page, search for base_url, and adapt it. Something that you probably already did by mistake because this extra http is definitly not part of the default config

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Thanks! this had “http:/” filled in. I deleted it and hyperlinks are good to go.

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