Issue with Alerts

I have some Lithium batteries that are connected via SNMP.
They of course give me values on percentage and voltage.

It is a custom OID that i have put in.
The graphs work perfectly and i had moved onto alerts.

All of the alert rules seem to be wrong that i have made.

PIcture of the OID setup

Picture of the rule

Details on the alert.

As far as I can tell the alert should not be triggered as the voltage is higher than the low alarm and less than the high alarm…?
Obviously i have something wrong.

Please help a novice.

As you have got high/low limits in place you should compare the current one against that (FYI you’re checking the limit_low_warn value rather than the value from your device at preset).

In the drop down box for the field to check select customoids.customoid_current then select less or equal and in the value box enter `customoid_limit_low_warn` - The backpacks are important, they aren’t single quotes, they are explicitly backpacks.

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