Issue with Ubiquiti UAP-HD and how processors are being reported

I’m a little bit new to this, but just spun up a new LibreNMS instance on our docker host (as we havent had an NMS before) and added all of our Ubiquiti UAP-HD APs. However, it looks like all of them are showing CPU usage in the 200% range. This is not the case from our UBNT controller.

I saw an older incident (Ubnt wireless processor), that seemed to be referencing something similar, so I followed the previous steps and came up with the resulting info:|4|UAP-HD|6||67|8955226|4||4||4||67|77134041|66|199|2|89552

My gut instinct is that LibreNMS is expecting a single core rather than multiple? Or is this something else i’m not understanding?