Issues with SSO Authentication

I’m trying to use the integrated SSO authentication functionality with Apache’s mod_auth_cas to tie into my employer’s single-sign-on service. CAS is much like Shibboleth where you sign into a central portal and then data is returned to the application about the signed-in user (name, email, group membership, etc.). I’m fairly confident that my config.php is set properly, but I’m still getting an error at the time of sign-on.

Group assignment by level map requested, but $config[‘sso’][‘group_level_map’], $config[‘sso’][‘group_attr’], or $config[‘sso’][‘group_delimiter’] are not set

I’ve verified that the attributes I’m specifying in config.php are being passed to Apache from the CAS server, so I’m pretty confused why it’s not working. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


The person who wrote SSO doesn’t visit here. Try replying here (and link this post so maybe he will answer here)