Issues with Weathermap Editor after auto Upgrade - Also Version shows year 1969

I would suggest to stay with updates disabled, change to release in config.php and wait for the new release that will come Sunday or early next week. That way, your setup would not try to “revert” to last stable version, and you should be all right.

Excellent idea!
Thank you, so essentially, keep updates disabled,
next week, change config.php to the following which will allow auto updates again, and pull a stable release:

$config[‘update_channel’] = ‘release’; # uncomment to follow the monthly release channel
#$config[‘update’] = 0; # uncomment to completely disable updates

Exactly. That’s a safe way of doing it.

BTY, I am almost sure that you could even enable updates again right now, and it should be safe (you are already ahead of last release so nothing will happen, no auto-revert should occur).

ok thanks,
I may give it a try. if not will attempt to enable next week and see where it goes

Thanks again

Do you know if I uncomment out the following:

$config[‘update_channel’] = ‘release’; # uncomment to follow the monthly release channel

will I need to execute the ./ or will it pick up the new release once available automatically?

any other steps required other than uncommenting?

Hi need to run on a daily basis whatever you do. This is mandatory for the system to keep cleaning the DB etc etc…

Now, if you switch to release, then yes, you’ll get the new release every month or so, and will take care of that.