Juniper and VRF instances access

I am trying to figure out how I can poll a juniper device that have VRF and get all the instance details informations like OSPF and interface that relate to instances.

I am polling directly the dedicated management interface, however look like I can’t get vrf information unless I use snmp polling information like this @ as the Juniper’s KB27977

Am I missing something, let me know if you require more informations/details? How could I poll a juniper device to get all VRF information.


The polling works in the same way as for aristas, but for aristas vrf detection is not working. If you have vrf discovery on see if they are detected and stored by libre. If they are, the rest should work too.

I see well, well I guess that as per your says it would be the same for the Juniper, vrf detection not working. Where/how can I check if vrf detection is working/stored by libre?

You can see them if you go to the routing menu option and select VRFs. If anything is detected and vrf polling is on, they will be listed there.