Keep getting port status got worse/better notifications alternately every 10 minutes

I have several Ruckus ICX switches being polled by LibreNMS, but only one of them keeps giving me false alerts for ports that didn’t actually change state and are set to ignore. I specifically went through last night and set almost all of the ports to “ignore alerts”, as they frequently go up and down when end users turn on/off computers. However, now I get an alert every 10 minutes via Telegram telling me that the same random 6 ports status changed to down either got worse or got better. As in, at 10:31 it told me that these 6 ports changed to down got worse, then at 10:41 the same 6 ports changed to down got better.

I looked at LibreNMS itself, the port statuses haven’t been changing at all. In fact at least one of the ports has never been used since the switch was installed! I’ve tried rediscovering the switch, but I still have the same issue.

What else should I check or try to do to get rid of this annoying false alert?

Rebooted the switch, problem solved.

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