Keying Alerts from Interface traffic


I am trying to key alerts from aggregated interface traffic but I’m having trouble identifying the rule for this. Basically I just want an alert to occur when overall traffic on a specified port drops below a certain bitrate.



You probably want to make use of the utilization macros, in particular


not tested, but here’s a rule i just created. Alarm under 1% utilization on either In or Out, so this should alarm for anything equal or under 10Mbps on either In or Out on a Gigabit interface for example.

and you probably want to set a delay of two SNMP polls by setting a delay of 6m, as you might get false positives easily, but try 0 delay first :slight_smile:

Otherwise if you know what rate you want in Octets then you could just specify
ports.ifInOctets_rate or ports.ifOutOctets_rate in the alert rule, and forget macros for utilization entirely, up to you.

Thank you Chas!

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