Laravel framework

isn’t laravel choosing too much of overhead?
maybe use some lightweight framework … f3 like?

I’d rather have something that makes the code easier/cleaner than is lightweight. We generally don’t have millions of users using the web interface at once…

Also, what makes you think Laravel isn’t performant?

i didn’t say that is not performant, it’s just too much … too much overhead in files, and things that probably won’t be used.

Used at the moment maybe but in the future, maybe not.

I think we may already be too far down the path of v2 to change frameworks now.

Clean install of Laravel 5.3 = 43MB
Bare install of LibreNMS v1 = 277MB

not size on disk is my matter (today it should be crazy to think about size on disk) but from logic side, multiple functions that must be processed that aren’t used and won’t provide anything but lost cpu cycles

crco, autoloading takes care of this problem. Classes are only loaded when they are used. That way you don’t have to load all the functions into memory.

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