LibreNMS autodeploy ansible role

Hey, i created fully automated solution to deploy LibreNMS.
To tell the truth i made it only for myself, so it might have some rough edges.
To use it you need ansible and vagrant (although you might drop it and use only ansible).

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If anyone uses this and can vouch for it then we’d be willing to include this in our official repository if that’s ok @gelato - you can have full access to the repo to maintain it.

Ok, no problem, but still as i understand - we need vouchers :slight_smile:
So what to do now…? Wait for someone to vouch for it?
Merry Christmas btw :slight_smile:

Just get anyone who uses it to come on and confirm it works as expected.

Merry Xmas :slight_smile:


Just to confirm that the role worked as expected, so thanks for the good work ! :slight_smile:


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