Librenms became inaccessible after pc restart

I am kind of new to librenms installation …

although I have successfully installed the librenms and was accessing the libreGUI from its private IP 172.18.x. 1 from the chrome browser. I even added a
few of the networking devices to the NMS.

However, after my PC has been restarted, I am not able to access the libreGUI with the same IP address. the IP can be ping well although. please help or guide me as what could be the problem

If you have it in a VM, perhaps the IP changed, or the VM is not started, or you forgot to set the webserver to start on boot.

Sorry infact the librenms is installed on other pc, it’s works fine from same pc…but trying to access from different pc it doesnot work.

Or I. Other words librenms is installed in pc A, and it works fine in local or the same pc A. But trying to access from pc B doesnot works …although they are in same LAN