LibreNMS Centos Esxi Image

I too can host the file. I have my own servers online. If you can help out by giving me the OVA for ESXi I would appreciate it.


Hey, looks like I missed a few updates.

Is it worth it to keep creating a vami vmware image? Just as a backstory. I created these images using vmware-studio. If anyone knows anything about that product, you already know that vmware has not updated or plans support it anymore. This is why I’m still deploying on CentOS 6.10 instead of 7.5. Support for CentOS 7.5 is just not there on vmware studio.

Internally I’ve been toying with the idea of just creating an ISO that can be used to create a vmware VM and also used for bare-metal deployments. But then again that’s just for my uses case and not sure how others will benefit from that. Managing vms through vami does help tremendously since you don’t have to be a linux admin to do simple things like reboots or even IP changes. So it really sucks to lose that functionality.

Anyway, I’ll try to cook up another image with the latest stuff. At least help a few people get this running on vmware smoothly.

Do you have an librenms image for esxi jet? I search also for one. Thanks

Hey Guys,

I was able to finish another OVA with the latest code as of Today. I haven’t had a chance to test it in depth but here is a link so people can try it out for themselves. It’s based on Centos 6.10 / Remi php 7.1 and mysql 5.7.

I’m also posting the commands that were used to create this automated build.

The first bug I always get is that there is 2 tables that need fixing. Easy enough to fix after you run a /validate. Also permissions at times do break. Validate will verify this as well.

Last thing I want to say is that this is not an official build by any means. It’s something I’m doing simply to help the project grow.

Thanks fellas.