Librenms CPU usage is high - need a recommendation

Hi there,

We have a Librenms server (integrated with Oxidized) monitoring 150 devices (switches, FWs, WLC). Oxidized runs once a day.

Our Librenms server processors are: 4 x Intel Xeon Gold 6240 @ 2.60GHz VM.

CPU usage is showing 84.65% in average and 99% in maximum on Librenms dashboard. (Librenms is monitoring it’s server)

Top command is showing CPU is normal except when the server is doing polling (every 5 mins).

Do you think our current CPU usage status is OK for a production environment? Please give me an advice.

If I want to keep the CPU usage around 70% when the server is doing polling, whats CPU/processor will be recommended?

Thank you

check out

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