LibreNMS Enable Syslog for instance 22.2.1

Hello. I am using LibreNMS as a container version 22.2.1. I have the sidecar for syslog-ng starting. What I cannot figure out how to do is to enable syslog for the actual application itself. The notes say ““You have to create a configuration file to enable syslog in LibreNMS too. Create a file called for example /data/config/syslog.php with this content :”” But I am not sure where to put this file. I found someone else ask and it showed editing the docker-compose.yml file. I tried adding this to the environment: area
- DB_HOST=mysql
- DB_NAME=librenms
- DB_USER=librenms
- DB_PASS=librenms
- PUID=0
- PGID=101
- TZ=Europe/London

But when I did “docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d” it still did not enable syslog for the system. Meaning when you go in the GUI the Syslog is not available from the drop down. What is the correct syntax and location for this configuration to be configured? Thanks in advance!

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