LibreNms for clients as a Bandwidth monitor?

Good day everyone.

I am brand new to LibreNms and I would like to find out if LibreNms would be able to help me with my certain problem.

We are a small WISP and we are using Mikrotik routers in our setup. We do not have a Radius server and we use PPPOE authentications on the router for our clients with normal Simple Queues to restrict Bandwidth usage per client. We enabled Mikrotik’s Graphing on our routers so that clients can see their Bandwidth usage. Unfortunately, it is also possible to get the number of clients as well as a clientlist from the Graphing interface if you play around with the graphing URL and as a startup WISP in our competitive town, we learned that on the hard way. A “client” of ours fiddled with the graphing, was able to get our clientlist and gave it to our opposition. Since then, we disabled all graphing on our Network.

We would still love to have a Bandwidth graphing option available for our clients, whereby a client can log into a web interface and only see his/her Bandwidth usage for a certain period (day, week, year).

Does LibreNms have a function or setup where the Bandwidth of a specific PPPOE can be shown depending on the username/password combination?

Is there any tutorials on how to setup LibreNms for the above mentioned setup?

Best regards