LibreNMS not sending email alerts


LibreNMS not sending email alerts while email transport test result is successful. I have tested Pushbullet which have same issue. That looks like some issue with internal logic or configuration.

Failed to acquire lock alerts, exiting

Thanks in advance.

Please run from cli ./validate.php and pastebin the output.

Even this is not working for me as well… I have tested all… testing transport works but no alert gets triggered on email transport or Pushbullet. No error on logs, SMTP etc.

We run locking on things like alerts.php so if you’ve run it whilst it’s already going this might be why.

It will run every minute so take a look at your process list for alerts.php, if none are running and it’s part way through the minute, run ./alerts.php -d

You can also check for any files called: .*.lock, if you find them and the date / time is old, try removing the file.

Hi @dineshdil
check if you set “Default contact” email in “General alert settings”. I’ve been stuck like this.