LibreNMS on lighttpd, updated

The existing instructions for using lighttpd on Debian/Ubuntu are still relevant as of the time of this writing. I have a VM running lighttpd on Debian 7 and using a runit supervisor to oversee the webserver. However, with the introduction of SVG, the instructions for the lighttpd configuration need to be amended slightly.

The original lighttpd config has a line in it that reads:

"^/(.*)\.(png|css|jpg|gif|php)$" => "/$0",

I’ve changed the first line to read like this:

"^/(.*)\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|tiff|svg|png|css|php)$" => "/$0",

This fixed an issue with icons not appearing when I went to look at a host. It also allows other image formats without causing too many issues.

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Thanks, can you please edit the relevant docs on our site to submit your changes.

Working on it, thanks.