Librenmsv2 ? Confused

Hello Guys,

Last week i had some trouble with one of my Librenms DB due to a crash and i started to reinstall a server and restore graph and db.

After looking to the Web, I saw that a Librenmsv2 is starting to appear but the documentation is still pointing to original librenms github.

My question is very simple :slight_smile:, i m running Librenms in a production environnement and i need to have the more stable version. Does the Librenmsv2 Webui version is official? or is still in developpement atm? Is it “actively” supported by the community?

In simple words, worth the try or stick with v1 for now?

Thx y so much :slight_smile:

Stick with v1. v2 is very much early development

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Yeah, I installed it just because, there is a lot still missing. It’s looking promising though. :slight_smile: