Limited Edit User/Userlevel Possible?

Is it possible to give a user of non-admin (not 10) level edit rights to certain devices?

I’m running 1.41-71-g9bc0c54 - I have a few people that I would like to give edit access to some devices so that they can for instance toggle ignore/un-ignore the ports on some devices or the device itself, but I don’t want to give them the keys to the kingdom.

Is that possible? I tried Normal (level 1), Global-Read (level 5) and Global RW (level 10), and assigning a device or port on a device doesn’t seem to affect being able to edit (lvl 1 / 5) or limit editing (lvl 10)

Am I stuck with having to give them full admin access - meaning, you can only edit if you’re an admin, but then you can edit anything/everything?