LLDP discovery of failed - Check name lookup

I’m having an issue with an extreme switch not showing on the network map. Each time I try discover it I get the following;

LLDP discovery of failed - Check name lookup

I’m using this;
/opt/librenms/discovery.php -h ex-x460-la-idfc-r1-2.my.domain.com -m discovery-protocols

If I check the DNS it appears to be fine;

[[email protected] librenms]# host ex-x460-la-idfc-r1-2.my.domain.com
ex-x460-la-idfc-r1-2.my.domain.com has address

The switch itself has the snmp name of “ex-x460-la-idfc-r1-2.my.domain.com

Any ideas?

Not sure if you’re mis-understanding discovery here or not. So -h tells it to discover the device with that name (or ID) - this device must already existing in LibreNMS. If you want a device to be detected by LLDP then you need to have an existing device which has an LLDP relationship with the other device, running ./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m discovery-protocols (against the existing device) will then attempt to add the other.

Ensure you’ve read though: https://docs.librenms.org/Extensions/Auto-Discovery/