Lmsensors "Sensor over limit"

Hello! I have enabled basic alert rules, but I’ve encountered a problem: LibreNMS will always display “Sensor over limit - Check Device Health Settings” and will send alert emails for one of my linux hosts CPU temperature sensors (lmsensors). The alert rule is: “sensors.sensor_current > “sensors.sensor_limit” AND sensors.sensor_alert = 1 AND macros.device_up = 1” and even if I’ve already set the values for low and high and the current value is between those I still get the alert. I can’t figure out what the problem is.

Theres a little bug with the defaults rules.

Make sure your role looks like this:

With sensors.sensors_limit properly enclosed by ` `

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Thanks! That fixed it!

I already had a PR in place to fix this, merged in now so after updating the default rules will work fine.