Login username password


I can no longer login with username/email & password?
Why not?

No idea - We don’t manage your username and password?

What are you trying to login to?

I am trying to login to this community

I had a login using a username and password now I can only
login using an external provider like Gmail, but now I dont
have access to my previous posts?

this is my previous user activity

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Hi Tony

It is this community I cannot login to, My LibreNMS installs are fine?


Please could an Admin or Moderator of this community
reinstate access for my old posts, under the username
they were posted with?

This account “bluesky” is authentication by google auth. I don’t think anybody can reset your account.

Are you the same person here? for this post? Three different users posting in this single e thread with two different issues.

Hi Tony

Yours is a different problem would be better if you start a new thread

Hi All

OK so this is what happens when you have a personal Google account and a company Google account.
If I am logged in to Google this community will log me in with what ever account I am already logged
in Google with, so if I am logged into my personal Google account I cannot access the previous posts
by bluesky?

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