Logout link issues

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently running LibreNMS on RHEL7/Apache 2.4/PHP 7.2 with TLS Offloading via a load balancer, and authentication via SSO (Shibboleth). Everything seems to work brilliantly, except for logout functionality.

Logout doesn’t appear to respect the ‘post_logout_action’ or ‘auth_logout_handler’ config options as outlined in the Authentication documentation.
When accessing /logout with these options set as per the Documentation, I’m not redirected to the Shibboleth logout endpoint, rather the LibreNMS homepage.
I also can’t find reference to the two config items anywhere in the codebase other than the documentation.

If someone could look into this it would be much appreciated!

Separately, the Logout link in the LibreNMS menu always returns a HTTP link, even when it is being viewed over HTTPS. No other links in the menu do this. I think it’s because Logout is being populated using route(), when all other links in the menu are loaded via url().
This isn’t a big issue for me because HTTPS is mandated, and all HTTP requests are redirected, but it would be nice if route() was more protocol aware.