Mimosa signal strength and 11ghz

Mimosa B5 is not showing the frequencies in the graphs, just -nan Hz. It does show the following in recent events for the two that I have set in this unit. This is running current firmware;

Wireless Sensor Discovered: frequency mimosa 5760 Frequency: $s Chain
Wireless Sensor Discovered: frequency mimosa 5630 Frequency: $s Chain

Also, the B11 is incorrectly shown as a B5 and I’m not seeing anything other than TX/RX rates under the wireless tab there.


Can you post the this info for both devices?


Done on a B5 with current firmware 1.4.7 beta-2 firmware on it. Mimosa is trying to fix an issue where their snmpd dies after a period of time but values should be good in it. SNMP was returning values when I ran those commands
On the B11 I’ll wait to send that. I’m on older firmware and want to upgrade before I send it.