MobaXTerm integration


I wonder how easy it could be to integrate the “SSH://” links by each router/switch to a mobaxterm session.

I searched around, and you can create a link using <a href="MobaXterm:ssh localhost">ssh localhost</a> but this also creates a new session, which is not a solution really.

And also not sure about jumphost.

Any ideas?


I am against it!
Why integrate some proprietary specific software for one specific OS? It’s just unnecessary clutter.
You don’t even know how many LibreNMS users are running Windows and you have no idea how many of those use MobaXTerm…

Just construct a sane .ssh/config and you’re golden IMHO :wink:

Ok that makes sense, though i didn’t mean overwrite existing protocol, like on the settings tab you have integrations for other third party software. Having an option would be handy for us Moba users.

Anyhows not too important i guess I can find time to do some regedit hackery and make it work with plain old putty…:frowning:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to discourage you. That was just my point of view.

Just try and work on your solution, submit a pull request and then you’ll see how far it goes.
It’s always easier to discuss possible features over actual code that can be extended and commented on.