Model name with "-"


I created special config for my device DASAN. But librenms thnking that os name is dasan-nos. So i created file dasan-nos.rb and i have problem because service cant start. what can I do?

Apr 10 21:04:20 librenms oxidized[26918]: /usr/local/bin/oxidized:23:in `load’: /opt/librenms/.config/oxidized/model/dasan-nos.rb:1: syntax error, unexpected ‘-’
emphasized text

“hostname”: “192.168.x.x”,
“os”: “dasan-nos”,
“ip”: “”,
“group”: “dasan”

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I have not written an os model before but maybe changing the quotes around dasan-nos from double quotes to single quotes work?

but i have problem with file name

Apr 11 20:47:36 librenms oxidized[31352]: /usr/local/bin/oxidized:23:in `load’: /opt/librenms/.config/oxidized/model/dasan-nos.rb:1: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’,
Apr 11 20:47:36 librenms oxidized[31352]: class ‘Dasan-nos’ < Oxidized::Model
Apr 11 20:47:36 librenms oxidized[31352]: ^

someone can help?

Don’t use minus sign and don’t guard class name into quotes, like this:

class DASANNOS < Oxidized::Model

I have still problem because os is diffrent in librenms and in oxidized

look librenms has

and oxidized has

do you have any idea?

You can try to map models in oxidized config like this:

  juniper: junos

it isnt work :frowning:

maybe someone from librenms can change os name ?