MongoDB support?


I’m wondering if there’s any MongoDB support in LibreNMS?


Can you give more detail? Do you want to use as DB for LibreNMS or do you want to draw graphs or do you want to monitor ? :smiley:

At this time, it’s not supported. The only thing that can be done it’s using a Nagios Plugin to monitor the availability (but I never tested).

Hi. Sorry for the delay in response here.

Am just after graphing MongoDB. For example, we have a requirement that we want to know how many users use the MongoDB every day, every week and every month.

I’m not sure what Nagios can provide here, but if we could have a users graph of MongoDB that would meet the need.

Not Nagios, Nagios/Monitoring plugins:

Yep I understand. I’ve used those services in LibreNMS for other things.

The two things I’d like to see in LibreNMS is chronyd support (chrony is default in all CentOS 7 now for some time, replacing NTP) and MongoDB monitoring/graphing.

I raised the chronyd feature request some time ago, should I do the same with MongoDB ?