More than one power health / sensors in a new OS


I read the documentation ( and i create new OS for specific device (fm/dab broadcast transmitter).

I try to add different Power healt sensors, but only one is showed into the WEbUI, the last one configured in /opt/librenms/includes/definitions/discovery/myos.yaml

oid: txReflectedPower
num_oid: .
descr: ‘Reflected power’
oid: txForwardPower
num_oid: .
descr: ‘Forward power’

Is there a limitation on the number of sensors ?

Otherwise is there any way to specifying the unit of measure of the healt sensors ?

  • Power is Watts, but can be mWatts, kWatts, etc …
  • Signal is dBm, but can be Watts, mWatts

Last thing, is there any documentation on creating new Healt / Sensors or will I have to read the code or it’s not possible easly ?

Thk for your help

Signal is only measured in dBm, Power is only measured in Watts.
If you have a “Signal” that is measured in Watts, it needs to be a power sensor, you can set the description to "Signal"
If your value is in mWatts or kWatts, you need to set the divisor so we get Watts.
Likely both your sensors have an index of 0, so you need to set index manually.

Docs are here.

I understood that correctly, and i can adapt using divisor or multiplier but can not display Power in dB for example. It’s not flexible while it has no impact on measurements or graphs.

Anyone have answer about multiple Power healt sensors for the same device ?

There is effectively no limit on the number of sensors you can have on a device. But they all must have a unique index.

So, is it possible to have multiple power sensors for one device ? In my example only the last one is displayed … Feature ? Bug ?

They both have an index of 0, so you need to manually set it for them. That is outlined in the docs.