Multiple Availability Maps

Our network switches fall into two categories, and we would like to have two availability maps for more accurate awareness of outages of one category over the other. Is this a feature that we have not been able to find the settings for or something that can be added?

Is there something that differentiates the two types of switches? Different host name pattern, different snmp contact, different models, etc.?

Have a look at:

If you can figure out some way to create groups for the two categories you should be able to use the device group drop down on the availability map.

The naming convention separates the two categories of switches. I appreciate your assistance, I will look at the article you referenced. Is it possible to have two maps on the same dash board?

I don’t believe so. I think it only works from the dropdown on the actual availability map page and I believe it’s somewhat limited. I don’t think it supports selection of the device group within the URL for easy linking. But I think it’s fairly new addition so maybe someone has something in the works.