Mysql syntax error after update!


Even after updating MariaDB, php and Librenms ( , mysql syntax error are still coming on each poll in logs. Please check the attached screenshot :-

Thanks !

idk about the Mysql error but you really should fix this [FIX] getcap c /usr/local/bin/fping

Could you please run the poller with debug? php poller.php -h all -d

I’ve tried to fix it with command :- getcap c /usr/local/bin/fping

But its not working out for me.

Please read logs on following link, once you read it let me know so i can remove it.

Thank you, got it, you can remove it again.

There seems to be some problem with device groups, could you check if they all look sane? If they do and you’re still having problems, please run ./poller.php -h 6 -d -m os and paste the output.