Need some help with a printer

Hey Guys, first off a few words.
My install is working great.
also all sensors / devices are working great and the verify says my system is ok too.
Now to the problem,
i got myself a old Brother MFC-9142CDN and i cant read the color level from it.
the drum unit values are fine.
Output of the discovery:

So, i already requested the mib from Brother, since i didnt find it online.
Hopefully someone can lead me into the right direction on what to do now.
Thank you very much.
~ Jaeger

I’m assuming Capacity for .7…10 is 50000? And the used level is 14562, I’ll take that as remainder so this would show 29% is left in your toner?

ye, altough thats the belt unit and not the toner. Belt unit is working fine. But with -3 on toner, idk

Can you provide the full output from discovery please for the toner module.

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