Net-snmp Proxy, issue with ifAlias


OK, this is really odd - or at least to me :laughing:. I’m trying to add snmp extend functionality to Windows … from what I can tell, to do that I need to add net-snmp. I have that installed, all working (net-snmp v5.9.1). And I proxy from net-snmp (on a different port than the standard 161), over to Windows => so I get Windows SNMP information for everything except extend. I “limit” this with the net-snmp service on Windows, with the argument -Iextend … so only extend is taken from net-snmp, the rest is proxied - from the proxy command in snmpd.conf,

proxy -v2c -c public localhost:161 .1.3

Hopefully this all makes sense so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I can check with snmpwalk, and net-snmp is in fact returning Windows SNMP information for sysDescr.0, for example. And my extend function works as well (that is coming from net-snmp). The only screwy part, is that it seems that ifAlias from net-snmp is empty … but it should just be proxying from Windows SNMP (which is not blank!).

Anyone seen such a thing?


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