Netscaler HA status

== Title and thread adjusted from original post, since it’s been confirmed that it works fine for recent f5 versions ==


I don’t know if this should be feature request, or if there’s a way to do it “manually”. I’d like to track the HA status of f5 and Netscaler load balancers, so that we can alert on failover changes. Both of them have different means to check this over SNMP.

For the Netscaler, the single OID that would had out immediate value actually gives value for the peer unit, and not the unit being queried. That could be the only query, or, for more detailed information, could check the following values:

  • haPeerState ( State of the peer unit (primary/secondary)
  • haCurStatus ( Whether a NetScaler appliance is configured for high availability. Possible values are YES and NO. If the value is NO, the high availability statistics below are invalid.
  • haCurState ( Health state of the HA node and not active/standby state. Possible values are: UP, DISABLED, INIT, PARTIALFAIL, COMPLETEFAIL, DUMB, PARTIALFAILSSL, ROUTEMONITORFAIL.

More details here:

== Disregard below ==

f5 has a single OID that will give the current status of the unit being queried. As per f5 documentation the OID has changed based on the OS version:

  • 9.x - 11.1.0: sysAttrFailoverUnitMask (
  • 11.2.0 and later: sysCmFailoverStatusId (

They could also have deeper analysis, but haven’t driven too deep into it yet.


For F5 I get HA, Failover et Sync status from the Overview panel (State) working well.

Hi Juu.

Did you have to add anything manually? The only thing I have there is the sysCmSyncStatusId.0, and because we’re still in 11.1, both units show the same value, stating that they’re in sync. I guess you’re on a newer version?


I didn’t do anything manually.
we’re in version 11.5

OK, thanks! Guess that explains it and makes this “request” obsolete then!

Would be great to have this same information on the Netscaler side, so I’ll switch it to a feature request.