New Device: BTI 7000

(Imported from, Original request by: @czilian)

Hi. Is there any update regarding this device?

Linking to the PR you started:

Since the bti 800 series is different from bti 7000 series which it have multiple chassis and slots.

It’s different to read the snmp between both model.

I’m still figure it out on how to implement it.


If they are not incompatible you can usually merge them in the same OS. The only difficult situation is when they are very similar (same OID, but not the same reply). That may lead to a different OS.
So basically, try to do both in one, and test it.
The goal for the project is to have no more OS than necessary, it helps for maintenance of the code.

Ok noted. I am very aware on this. Since the bti800 series and bti7000 series is different family, we should identify as different os. The OID also different for both series.

bti 800 : .
bti 7000 : .