New template - Database Initialization

Hi all,

I’m working with a new template for Checkpoint SecurePlatform (later i’ll work with others), and my company is interested in contribute with this project adding these templates.

Before committing the new code, we want to be sure that this code won’t change early, and for our purposes I have to notify faults over some custom graphs (such as active connections of firewalls).

I saw that LibreNMS uses DB for searching new alerts, and following the doc for new-os, no data is included by default in the database (only in RRD), and I should request data or update it on a custom database with php functions.

I had a look all documentation and i didn’t find which configuration file creates the database and which tables creates by default. I think that I should modify some file in order to create this custom table when needed. I don’t know if tables are created as needed, or are created when you add a new device for this template.

I’ve done reverse engineering with a Cisco ASA template, but I feel that the table which it uses is created when you install LibreNMS.

I’d thank your help.

Best regards.

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