New to Alerts - Wanted to verify this makes sense

Hey there folks. I started using LibreNMS recently and I have just started setting up my own alerts. I’m not 100% sure I’m doing this right and just wanted to ask if this makes sense.

I have an interface this has my main feed on it. 2 days ago it went down and I failed over to my backup connection through another router somewhere else in the network. I didn’t notice until yesterday. I want to set up an alert that tells me when the interface stops transferring traffic. It is either working or it goes to 0 when they are down, or when there is a physical problem.
I spent a few hours digging around trying to find out how these work and I may have a working rule now.

This sfp-sfpplus1 interface generates events with some specific terms associated with the interfaces
Image #1 : Re: Screenshots - LibreNMS

This is what my rule looks like.
Image 2: Re: Screenshots - LibreNMS

If I understand correctly, then this rule will do these things
#1 look for a port that has the name sfp-sfpplus1.
#2 Look at all port statuses. If one is not up, then alert.

So… I think that when the SFP port is named sfp-sfpplus1 and if it’s status is not up, it should alert.
Am I right?

if sfp-sfpplus1 is port description, then you have to use ifalias instead of ifname

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Thank you. I am going to try to simulate this occurring on another piece of hardware to make sure it’s working.

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