Nfsen graphs not displaying

I’ve got nfsen setup and working, and I’ve added the needed configs to enable it within librenms, but currently the graphs that show up just say “Error Drawing Graphs”.

My instinct is that this is some sort of permissions thing with apache? But I’ve changed perms around on the netflow directory/files but still get the error.

I’m not sure what info anyone would need to actually help me here. :frowning:

nfsen configs from the nms config.php file:
$config[‘nfsen_enable’] = 1;
$config[‘nfsen_split_char’] = “_”;
$config[‘nfsen_rrds’][] = “/var/data/nfsen/profiles-stat/live”;
$config[‘nfsen_suffix’] = “”;

Anything I obvious I did wrong?

Do the nfsen rrds have data in them?

Thanks for the response, and yes, there is definitely data in the rrd files. It appears I have rrd files for each device I’ve defined to collect from, currently just two, and it seems that librenms must be linking or making the connection that the device that there is flow/rrd files on is correct because I get the netflow tab option to load the netflow data within librenms, but it seems that librenms just isn’t reading in the rrd files I’ve specified.

The rrd files for the devices are in the shared directory defined here: “/var/data/nfsen/profiles-stat/live”


Running the below command does display the file data:

rrdtool dump sw0_b01.rrd

Those files are currently owned by:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 netflow apache 2687848 Oct 18 07:40 sw0_b01.rrd
-rwxr-xr-x 1 netflow apache 2687848 Oct 18 07:40 sw1_b01.rrd

Let me know if there is anything else I can provide that might help.


File permissions could be the issue, or perhaps incorrect hostnames. If you click on a single graph and click show command, it should show you the command and any output.

Here is my output from one of the graphs.

I do see an error on the output:

ERROR: rrdc_flush (/var/data/nfsen/profiles-stat/live/sw0_b01.rrd) failed with status -1.

If there is something you see here that is obvious, I would appreciate your input.


Hmm, what version of rrdtool are you using? Can you try updating to 1.7.0?

I’m running the latest CentOS7 version they support, which is 1.4.8. I’m sure I can download and compile the newer version, I’m just not sure if that will cause any issues for everything else.

I’ll see if I can test that out.

Thank you!

You can put the compiled version in a different location and modify your config.php to point to it. If you run rrdcached or distributed pollers, make sure everything uses the same version.

Ok, that makes sense. I’ll circle back to this once I test. Thank you for all your help.