Nimble Storage Storage label

We are looking to move from Observium to LibreNMS. We have a system up and have added a few system to it. Observium has a probe that they created from one of our feature requests to show what the LUN names actually are for Nimble Storage. I was wondering if you guys could add it. The one you guys use doesn’t even show any of the storage detail.

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It’s certainly possible. Please provide the info in this FAQ:

No info from observium please. Literally NONE.

Please pastebin the info, that wall of text is not helpful I’m afraid.

Sorry here is paste bin link.

Has there been any progress on this? I was going to open a New Device Support in Git hub.


Not yet, we have no support for storing LUN information so this needs to stay as a feature request here.

OK – Do you need the MIBs?

Most likely, if you’ve got them, link them / upload them here.


Brand new to LibreNMS and came across this while trying to monitor our Nimble setup. If you need any information to assist in this our someone to test against a Nimble install let me know.

Currently LibreNMS recognized our Nimble SAN as a Nimble device but doesn’t show any storage.

Would very much like to get the LUNS in here too from a capacity perspective.

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Nimble storage volume usage was added with PR

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Add merged into librenms :slight_smile: