No Alert from Syslog Message


i’ve created an alert rule from collection and changed the value from emergency to warning. i’ve connected these rule to a device ( and to a alert template.
when i login with failure credentials i see the error in the syslog table in librenms, but no email alert coming.

My Rule:
syslog.timestamp >= “macros.past_5m” AND syslog.priority = “warning”

Screenshots of my Config

Have you configured alert transports and alert templates?

Yes, alert transport and alert templates are configured.


In the alert transport section click the button to test your transport.

Also please post your ./validate.php

You need to put backticks around the macro. Right now it is checking the date against a plain string and it will always fail.

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There is a bug in the builder

as a work around enclose ` around so it looks like this `macros.past_5m` , Or use my suggestion in the other thread.

I also don’t think you want to use delay, try
Max: -1
Delay: 0
Interval: 360

Thank you, and thanks to murrant.
The backticks do the trick. :slight_smile: