No longer able to add devices with API


We have been using LibreNMS for quite a few months, heavily relying on the API to dynamically add devices. Starting with version 1.36 – the API to check for devices host/api/v0/devices/doesnotexist returns back a successful http code and this json body…
“status” : “OK”
“devices” : [
“attribs” : []
“count” : 1

Previously, we would get an HTTP error code and this body
“status” : “error”,
“message” : “Device doesnotexist does not exist”

Which is what is expected. I believe this is the correct usage of the API… Has this not been an issue for anyone else? Just an FYI Version 1.37 does not work as expected either.

Would really like to upgrade, but can not until I get this solved.
Thanks. Phil