Nokia DDM monitoring

I am new to LibreNMS and I am trying to get the DDM optical monitoring working on a Nokia 7250 and various other devices. Below are the OID but everything I try to do to add this functionality fails.

tmnxDDMRxOpticalPower -
tmnxDDMTxOutputPower -

I want it to look like the Juniper output where you can see the interface RX/TX power.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions on this? Going no where fast with this one. :frowning:

I have added this on my development machine and not all values will translate to the same values as the CLI command show port x/x/x. This is due to my lack of understanding of the SFF Committee Standard’s document and how Nokia stores the DDMExteCalRxPowerX to report the correct values.
It all depends on what SFP vendors that you use.

I will submit a patch in a few days to do basic reporting and set the high/low alarm values.

Committed patch

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Did I make a mistake in that procedure?
How it works

cd /opt/librenms/scripts
./scripts/github-apply 5926

@librenms01 scripts]# ./github-apply 5926
Checking patch scripts/github-apply…
error: scripts/github-apply: already exists in working directory
Checking patch scripts/github-remove…
error: scripts/github-remove: already exists in working directory

5926 is the wrong number, you need to use 12062

The librenms error is as follows, how should I solve it better

[[email protected] scripts]# ./github-apply 12062
:906: trailing whitespace.
If test data already exists, but is for a different device/configuration with the same OS.
:908: trailing whitespace.
specify a different variant of the OS,
:909: trailing whitespace.
this will be tested completely separate from other variants.
:1160: trailing whitespace.

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    :6443: space before tab in indent.
    warning: squelched 17 whitespace errors
    warning: 22 lines add whitespace errors.