[Noob] CPU Usage in Wireless Access Points

We have issues with our Ruckus wireless access points (CPUs are spiking) and I’m wondering if LibreNMS could read the information and possibly generate an alert.

I’ve got SNMP set up on the APs and my LibreNMS can see them but the usage graphs are empty.

Also, the polling from LibreNMS couldn’t be what’s spiking the CPUs, could it?


LibreNMS should definitely cause a CPU spike (But for most devices CPU usage does not affect traffic flow). How much it affects is up to how well the device implements SNMP.

There is a PR reworking the support for Ruckus devices, perhaps that will help you with the CPU graphs once it is completed.

Thanks. Our issue is that the APs are either disconnecting from the controller or just rebooting and Ruckus is saying it’s because the CPUs are spiking so I didn’t want to exacerbate the problem.

Disable the devices to stop polling them. See if the problem persists.

If it stops, you can tune LibreNMS polling to collect less data from the devices to reduce the load.